Program at a Glance

Wednesday, June 5

7:00pm - Speakers' Dinner, Room KC 101 - Sponsored by MK Environmental

Thursday, June 6 - Day 1

Sessions sponsored by AOMS

7:00am - Breakfast, Vistas Dining Room, Sally Borden Recreational Facilities Building - Sponsored by National Bank

8:15am - Official Welcome, Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building

8:45am - Keynote Speaker - Dr. Apostolos Kantzas,  Ph.D. (Waterloo), P. Eng. is a Professor at the University of Calgary, holder of an AITF/i-CORE NSERC IRC in modelling of Fundamentals of Unconventional Resources.  He leads research that is related to problems of flow through porous media, enhanced oil recovery, soil remediation, reactor design, magnetic resonance applications and tomographic imaging.  Apostolos is a member of APEGGA, SPE, CSChE, AIChE, CWLS and SCA.  He has authored or co-authored over 400 technical papers, 12 patents and over 400 technical reports.

Apostolos is also the President and CEO of PERM Inc. (solving EOR and reservoir characterization problems primarily in the WCSB) and PERM Instruments Inc. (developing magnetic resonance based multiphase flow measurement systems).  He has collaborated in multi-year projects with numerous oil and gas companies and has been a technology advisor for Laricina Energy and CEC Northstar.

9:15am - Can microbes reduce thermal remediation time frames and implementation costs? A retrospective look at thermal sites - Presenting Aughor; Denice Nelson - ERM

9:45am - Low-Temperature Thermal Remediation - Presenting Author; Jonah Munholland - Arcadis

10:15am - Coffee Break, Max Bell Central Foyer, Max Bell Building - Sponsored by Rogers Insurance

10:30am - Sustainable Low Temperature Thermal Remediation of Pesticides - Presenting Author; James Baldock - ERM

11:00am - Sustainable Combination Heating: An Innovative Approach for In Situ Thermal Remediation in Challenging Lithology - Presenting Author; Jay Dablow - ERM

11:30am - Sustainable Remediation of Diesel-Contaminated Soil by Low-Temperature Thermal Desorption - Presenting Author; Xin Song - Chinese Academy of Sciences

12:00pm - Lunch, Vistas Dining Room, Sally Borden Recreational Facilities Building - Sponsored by McMillan-McGee

1:15pm - A Multiple Lines of Evidence Approach For Determining When to Shut Down an In Situ Thermal Remediation System - Presenting Author; John LaChance - Cascade Thermal

1:45pm - STAR remediation of contaminated soil: the energy balance that underpins applied smouldering - Presenting Author; Jason Gerard - University of Western Ontario

2:15pm - ET-MIP: A Numerical Tool for In-Situ Thermal Remediation Applications - Presenting Author; Magdalena Krol - York University

2:45pm - Coffee Break, Max Bell Central Foyer, Max Bell Building - Sponsored by Rogers Insurance

3:00pm - Panel Discussion - The Death of Thermal? What IS Thermals Future?

4:00pm - Poster Presentations, Elder Tom Crane Bear and Max Bell Central Foyer, Max Bell Building

5:30-7:30pm - Dinner, Vistas Dining Room, Sally Borden Recreational Facilities Building

Friday, June 7 - Day 2

7:00am - Breakfast, Vistas Dining Room, Sally Borden Recreational Facilities Building

8:45am - Thermal Oxidation of Extracted Off-Gas to Supplement In Situ Heating: Modelling, Design & Imperial Results from Three Projects - Presenting Author; Grant Geckeler - GEO Environmental

9:15am - Thermally Enhanced Bioremediation of Naphthalene by the Thermophile JF8 - Presenting Author; Paul Furbacher - University of Toronto

9:45am - Pushing the boundaries of thermal- Presenting Author; Jason Cole - Jacobs

10:15am - Coffee Break, Max Bell Central Foyer, Max Bell Building- Sponsored by Rogers Insurance

10:30am - An Approach for Modeling Induction-Based Heating for In-Situ Thermal Remediation of Heterogeneous Soil with Non-Linear Properties - Presenting Author; Paul Hegele - McMillan-McGee Corp.

11:00am - Nanoparticle-enabled hyperthermia for wireless wall warming and other applications - Presenting Author; Dr. Bryant - University of Calgary

11:30am - Electrical Resistance Heating and Bioremediation: Compatibility, Effectiveness, and Post-Heating Bio-Polishing - Presenting Author; Robert D’Anjou - Cascade Thermal

12:00pm - Lunch, Vistas Dining Room, Sally Borden Recreational Facilities Building - Sponsored by McMillan-McGee

1:15pm - Fiber Optic Sensors for Harsh Environments: Environmental, Hydrogeological, and Chemical Sensing Applications - Presenting Author; Hamid Alemohammad - AOMS

1:45pm - Experimental Investigation on the Steam-Foam Process: Profile Control and Gravitational Drainage Effect - Presenting Author; Zan Chen - University of Calgary

2:15pm - Coffee Break, Max Bell Central Foyer, Max Bell Building - Sponsored by Rogers Insurance

2:30pm - Pyrolytic Reactions: Investigating the Role of Oxygen in Thermal Treatment - Presenting Author; Julia Vidonish - Arcadis

3:00pm - When Mass Removal In The NAPL Phase Governs the Clean-Up - Presenting Author; Steffen Griepke - Cascade Thermal

3:30pm - Poster Presentations and Reception, Elder Tom Crane Bear and Max Bell Central Foyer, Max Bell Building - Sponsored by Savron

5:30pm - Symposium adjourns

Poster Presentations

Accelerated Abiotic Reactions under Thermal Conditions - Presenting Author ; Mark Klemmer - Arcadis

Government perspectives on Executing ISTR Projects - Presenting Author; Erin Hauber - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The Use of Steam to Remediate a Benzene Plume at a Petrochemical Facility in Brazil - Presenting Author; Flavio Coelho - ERM

ET-MIP: A Framework for Coupling and Validating Continuum-Discrete Models for Thermal Applications - Presenting Author; Ian Molnar - York University

STAR (In Situ) and STARx (Ex Situ):  Overview and Full-scale Applications of Smoldering Combustion for the Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Liquid Organic Wastes - Presenting Author; Gavin Grant - Savron

ISTR Applications at Petroleum Impacted Sites – Presenting Author; Robert D'Anjou - Cascade Thermal

Efficient Nanoparticle Transport via Foam to Create Oil-In-Water Emulsion for Enhanced Oil Recovery - Presenting Author; Sahand Etemad - University of Calgary

Thermal Conduction Heater Design Considerations for High Thermal Flux Heaters in Dry Soils - A Simulation Study - Presenting Author; Clayton Campbell - McMillan-McGee Corp.

Heavy Oil EOR - Laboratory Methods for Thermal & Chemical Process Evaluation - Presenting Author; Muhammad Imran -Saskatchewan Research Council

Understand Oil Sloughing in Bottom Water SAGD - Presenting Author; Jessica Butron - University of Calgary

The Use of Steam Propagation Tests and Thermal Modeling to Develop In Situ Thermal Remediation Design Parameters - Presenting Author; Graham MacKey - ERM

Laboratory Co-boiling Study at Site with Mixed DNAPLs - Presenting Author; Mark Klemmer - Arcadis

Innovations in Thermal Remediation Technology - IT-DSP - Presenting Author; Travis Leung - McMillan-McGee Corp.

Flow Monitoring Study in Sand Packs via Frequency-Domain Reflectometry and Dielectric Spectroscopy Analysis - Presenting Author; Ilia Kuznetcov - University of Calgary

Numerical Study of Volatile Organic Compound Removal by Thermal Treatment - Presenting Author; Qianli Xie - Queens University

Water Table Elevation Variation on Thermal Remediation Sites - Presenting Author; David Rountree - McMillan-McGee Corp.

In-Situ Thermal Remediation – How Safe Is It? - Presenting Author; Jay Dablow - ERM

Lessons Learned and Continuing Challenges for Thermal Remediation at Superfund Sites - Presenting Author; Eva Davis - Environmental Protection Agency

Designing Thermal Hybrid EOR Process - Surfactant Selection, Screening and Testing Criteria - Presenting Author; Muhammad Imran - Saskatchewan Research Council

Assessing the Magnitude of Temperature Enhanced Hydrolysis and Biochemical Degradation in VOC/SVOC Impacted Groundwater via a Thermal In-situ Sustainable - Presenting Author; David Rodriguez; Arcadis

Challenges associated with relative permeability curves in thermal processes - Presenting Author; Apostolos Kantzas - University of Calgary

The Benefits of Sub-Boiling Heat for the Treatment of FMGP Residuals - Presenting Author; Yunxiao Wei - BCEER

IN SITU THERMAL DESORPTION Site Remediation Using the Electro-Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process (ET-DSP™) - Presenting Author; Martin Beaudoin - Arcadis

In-situ Electro Kinetic Process Review - Presenting Author; Kevin McLenehan - Onsite Remediation